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El Riachuelo

Dogo Argentino

When breed type matters

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At El Riachuelo Dogo Argentino, we have taken something which started as a passion and turned it into a successful breeding kennel. We breed our Dogos to have good temperaments and fit in seamlessly as incredible family pets.

We are a family run kennel. First and foremost we breed with the intention of bettering our lines, producing dogs sound of body and mind. We always try to retain puppies for our program. Each of our dogs were selected as puppies, raised and trained by us. Each one bringing their own strengths to our program. We strive to produce dogs as close to their breed standard as possible with well rounded personalities.

Puppies from our program are always hand raised here with us, are well socialized and matched with the proper families. We will keep a puppy before placing it in the wrong home. The terms contained in the sales contracts we offer our buyers are reasonable and represent our intention of preserving the positive progression of well bred purebred dogs. We remain committed to every puppy that leaves us for the entirety of its life. Throughout our relationship you will we find that we remain open, honest and ethical. 

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Home: Welcome

“A dream does not become reality through magic; it takes sweat, determination and hard work.”
— Colin Powell

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Inukshuk Dog food

What do we feed? Inukshuk, of course.

All of our dogs here are fed Inukshuk Professional Dog food a brand produced by Corey Nutrition Company in Canada. Corey Nutrition Company has a long history of science-based nutrition and strict quality control standards. Production is never outsourced to maintain the quality and consistency of the product. All Inukshuk formulas are GMO-Free, nutritionally dense, and made without any unnecessary filler ingredients.

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