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GCH Beloe Show Germiona BCAT

Opium Iz Lunnoy Stai X Beloe Show Anabella

Born: October 13, 2019

BAER +/+

OFA Prelim Hips Good

OFA Prelim Elbows Normal

OFA Cardiac Normal

OFA Eyes Normal

Elaina is my Russian import bitch, 2 of her siblings are with the breeders in their own programs in Russia. Elaina is extremely vocal, goofy & handler focused. She is an alpha female but remains playful the majority of the time, as long as the boys don't irritate her. She's very smart & we've been nothing but impressed with her, I can't wait to share her achievements with everyone & see what she produces for us. We're very thankful for her breeders Nailya & Tatiana for trusting in us.

Elaina's Pedigree
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