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Our Dogos: About Us

Pat Trotter - AKC Judge, Handler & Breeder

When a judge makes a decision in the show ring, it is temporary. When a breeder makes a decision it is in the gene pool forever

Our Dogos: Quote

Want to meet our Dogs?

Listed below are our Dogos and their photo galleries. For the safety of ourselves, our dogs, and our puppies we do not allow people to come to our home unless they are picking up a puppy. Please check our contact page to see if we have any upcoming shows! For more information on a specific event message one of our social media accounts via Facebook or Instagram.

Upcoming litters, available puppies & information on becoming part of the El Riachuelo family is on our puppy page.

Our Dogos: Text


GCH CH Beloe Show Germiona BCAT


GCH Beloe Show Germiona BCAT

Born: October 13, 2019

Opium Iz Lunnoy Stai X Beloe Show Anabella

BAER +/+

Prelim OFA Hips Good

Prelim OFA Elbows Normal

OFA Cardiac Normal

OFA Eyes Normal

Channa D'Tomas Box


Argentine Champion

AKC Champion

Channa D'Tomas Box

Born: 10/05/2020

Pampero D'Tomas Box X Huinca D'Tomas Box

BAER +/+

OFA Hips Good

Tucumana Milcayac


Tucumana Milcayac

Born: June 20, 2022

Maui Del Capanga X Morena Milcayac

BAER +/+

Sol Bravoure Blanche


Sol Bravoure Blanche

Born: 11/27/2019

Don Zoilo Bravoure Blanche X Roma Bravoure Blanche

BAER: +/+

Our Dogos: Females


alfio stud ad


Alfio Bravoure Blanche

Born: 05/10/2018

Don Zoilo Bravoure Blanche X Chusma Bravoure Blanche

BAER: +/+


Heart Normal

Our Dogos: Females

Reference Sires

Dog's from outside our kennel that have impacted our program

Opium Iz Lunnoy Stai

Euro Winner 2012


Multi Best in Show Winner

Multi Grandchampion

Multi Champion of Eurasia

Owned by: Gemelli Di Oppio


Opium Iz Lunnoy Stai

Don Zoilo Bravoure Blanche

Argentine Grand Champion

Owned By: Bravoure Blanche

2013 - Current

Don Zoilo Bravoure Blanche

Chucaro Bravoure Blanche

M.J.C.G.H.K.L.I.E. "winner in the world" -WORLD CHAMPION Moscow 2016 - EUROPEAN CHAMPION Kiev 2017- EUROPEAN CHAMPION Brussels 2016 -WORLD JUNIOR CHAMPION Milán 2015 -WINNER OF SICALAM 2016 -Argentinian Junior Champion -Argentinian Champion -Argentinian Great Champion -Belgian Champion -Benelux Champion -Brasileño Champion -Mexican Champion -Mexican Junior Champion -Uruguayan Champion -Latinoamerican Champion -Intercontinental Champion -International Champion -Panamerican Champion -Multi BIS Miscellaneous Eukanuba Cup 2015 -More Than 35 BIS Around Diferent Countries

Owned by: Bravoure Blanche

2015 - Current

Chucaro Bravoure Blanche
Our Dogos: Available Pets

A Little History

The Dogo Argentino was methodically developed starting in Argentina during the late 1920's by Dr. Antonio Nores Martinez. Many breeds contributed their genes in the creation of the Dogo Argentino; The now-extinct Fighting Dog of Cordoba, the Boxer, Bulldog, Bull Terrier, Great Dane, Pyrenean Mastiff, Irish Wolfhound, Pointer, and Spanish mastiff.

The Dogo Argentino was bred to have a dual personality of strong fearless hunter that can track game, catch and hold it in place until the hunters arrived and a companion that enjoys being in the company of their family.

Dogos from Dr Martinez
Our Dogos: About
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